Count words, count characters - The free online tool is a free online tool, that allows you to count the words and characters in a text. Enter your text in the form below and you will see a real-time analysis of the word and character count. For an in-depth analysis and for very long texts click on the "Analyze text" button. There you will see details about the words and characters that are beeing counted as well as the word density of every word in you text. The density of a "keyword" is an important SEO-factor for website developers. Have fun when counting words!

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Count words with Microsoft Word

Very simple: Im the menu under "Review" you will find the entry "Word count...".
A click will show you statistics about pages, words, characters, paragraphs and lines.

Screenshot: Count words in Word
If anyone could provide me with a screenshot from an English Word version, that would be great!

Count words with LibreOffice / OpenOffice

Also simple: You will find the function in the menu under File -> Properties -> Statisitcs.
There you will also see statistics about embedded images and tables.

Screenshot: Statistics in Open Office
If anyone could provide me with a screenshot from an English version, that would be great!